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NY Youth At Risk

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Want to build a snowman? Come play with loss prevention tips


There has been plenty of opportunity to build snowmen in the Northeast this winter, and more to come. With snowstorm after snowstorm, and a temprature that inspires Disney to create a new version of Frozen.
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The Changing Landscape of Representations and Warranties Insurance


Increased Demand for Representations and Warranties Insurance When representations and warranties insurance (RWI) was first introduced over 15 years ago, many looked at RWI as a last resort for when the parties to a transaction
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Ebola: Resources, Prevention, and Preparation

Ebola Image

Based on recent high profile media coverage of confirmed Ebola cases in the United States, many employers are evaluating and preparing for Ebola-related risk. Some of our clients have asked if we can provide risk
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10/12/14 40 Under 40 Broker Awards: Marianne Halvorsen

In The News

Ask Marianne Halvorsen what she most enjoys about working in the insurance business, and she sums that up in one word: interaction. “I love the interaction with people, the interaction with clients and the interaction
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Deal Flow Acceleration with Locksource


Facilitating deal flow. I’ll bet that might be news to many who think of me just as an insurance broker. There are many who may not completely understand our business and perhaps see Lockton and
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  • Marianne Halvorsen is leading the way in thought leadership as it respects to risk management.

    Mario Vitale - CEO Aspen Insurance Co.

  • Marianne is an extremely efficient and hard worker. She has a knack of understanding her clients and the ability to service their needs quickly.

    Heather Degan - Director, Business Development

  • Because of outstanding service I have hired Marianne and her company to be the sole provider of insurance needs and service for my company.

    Ronald Egge - President at Summit Consultancy

  • Marianne is an extremely hard worker. She is one of the first individuals in the office and one of the last to leave.

    Jay Monteforte - Vice President at Willis Risk Services

  • Marianne is responsive and very hardworking and very knowlegable about all aspects of the cleint's business and insurance.

    Gary Buchanan - Vice President at Amwins

  • Marianne's qualities to develop and foster relationships with colleagues and clients are outstanding. A great person to work with.

    Monica Naranjo - Program/Project Manager

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