The Risk Leadership Development Program, developed by Marianne in March 2012, is a training initiative for young women attending St. John’s University’s School of Risk Management, Insurance, and Actuarial Science.

“The program gives students the opportunity to gain industry experience, while building a professional network and taking part in giving back to the community,” says Marianne.

Participants in the 2012 Risk Leadership Development Program from St. John’s University include:

Ella Soltz is a senior majoring in actuarial science with a minor in mathematics. Born in Israel, Ella grew up in South Carolina and enjoys working as a math tutor, volunteering with the Catholic Charities’ Department of Immigration and Refugee Services, and involvement with Gamma Iota Sigma as an Alumni and Industry Relations Officer. She currently interns at MetLife’s Enterprise Risk Management department.

Bailey Noone is a sophomore majoring in actuarial science with a minor in computer science. Originally from Tuscon, Arizona, Bailey enjoys living in NYC where she’s involved with Gamma Iota Sigma, the Actuarial Science Club, the St. John’s Pep Band, the Student Ambassadors Program, and Discover New York’s Peer Advisor Program. She currently interns at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Erika Marshall is a senior majoring in actuarial science. Originally from Michigan, Erika enjoys living in New York, where she’s involved in the National Theatre Honor Society, Gamma Iota Sigma, Academic Service Learning and the St. John’s Learning Communities. She currenty interns at Arch Insurance Group.

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