The Risk Leadership Development Program, developed by Marianne in March 2012, is a training initiative for young women attending St. John’s University’s School of Risk Management, Insurance, and Actuarial Science. The curriculum has been created with the purpose for the participants to become a leader of self, a leader of the industry and a leader in the community.  ”The program gives students the opportunity to gain industry experience, while building a professional network and taking part in giving back to the community,” says Marianne.

“I truly feel honored to be a part of something that is so encouraging and empowering.  A couple times I found myself thinking that I shouldn’t be trusted with this, I’m only 18 so what do I know, but the fact that you have given us so many responsibilities and never once doubted our ability to rise to the challenges means a lot “  - Abigayle

Participants in the 2013 Risk Leadership Development Program from St. John’s University include:

Aamina Bawany is a upcoming sophmore studying international Business with a focus on Economics. Raised in Las Vegas and Karachi, Pakistan. Aamina enjoys traveling and cultivating herself within different cultures. She is looking to attend and get a degree from NYU in the coming year .

Abigayle Claflin is a freshman majoring in Actuarial Science at St. John’s University.  Though she loved her home in Massachusetts and Tennessee, the excitement of the Big Apple has always called to her, and she cannot wait to begin her career in the heart of the great city.  In her free time, Abigayle participates in Gamma Iota Sigma, the Actuarial Science Club, Church Choir and the Catholic Student Community Club; however, most of her time is dedicated to the Chappell Players and Alpha Psi Omega, the two theatre organizations on campus, by participating in all of their shows.  She is incredibly grateful to Marianne and the incredible opportunities that Marianne has given her and her fellow group members through the Risk Leadership Program.

Amelia Corbie is a sophomore majoring in Actuarial Science with a minor in Computer Science. She is also an international student hailing from Trinidad and Tobago. She is a sister of Kappa Phi Beta sorority and actively involved in philanthropic work through Greek Life on campus. She is involved in Gamma Iota Sigma and is serving on their associate executive board. Amelia is also an avid Taekwondo competitor and was a member of the Trinidad and Tobago National Taekwondo team for many years.

Ashley Kadamthottu is a freshman majoring in Actuarial Science and minoring in Computer Science at St. John’s University. Originally hailing from Rockland County, New York, Ashley loves her new life at St. John’s and in New York City.  She is involved in Gamma Iota Sigma, the Actuarial Science Club, the Vincentian Initiative to Advance Leadership and the Indian Subcontinent Student Organization. She appreciates the time, effort, and guidance Marianne Halvorsen provides in the Risk Leadership Program.

Bailey Noone is a sophomore majoring in actuarial science with a minor in computer science. Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Bailey enjoys living in New York City where she’s involved with Gamma Iota Sigma, the Actuarial Science Club, the St. John’s Pep Band, the Student Ambassadors Program, and Discover New York’s Peer Advisor Program. She will be working for Travelers in Hartford, Connecticut this summer in the Actuarial and Analytics Leadership Development Program.

Brittany Sakson is a sophomore majoring in actuarial science with a minor in computer science. Born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Brittany loves being a part of New York City. At St. John’s, she is involved in Gamma Iota Sigma, the Actuarial Science Club, the Student Ambassadors Program, Student Government Inc., the Eastern Collegiate Advisory Team for Relay For Life, Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, and the Discover New York Peer Leader Program.

To learn more about the Risk Leadership program and contribute, please email or call me.

2012 Risk Leadership Development Program

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