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With extensive experience in global risk management insurance solutions, I have held many key client relationship roles during my career. Since leaving Norway in 1999, I’ve pursued an international career.After completing my two masters in business, I joined an insurance brokerage firm as a business analysis and client representative .

Today, I am a Senior Vice President at Aon, responsible for both coordinating the service delivery and managing client relations. To provide additional value to clients and the private equity community, in 2012, I formed KONTAKTSOURCE, a unique forum to support private equity deal flow and origination.


This is my blog and conversation. This site is designed for enterprise risk managers, global human resources directors and CEOs, Also CFOs offering thought leadership in the areas of Risk Management, including Property & Casualty, and Employee Benefits.
It is supported by Aon companies.

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“Giving is a universal opportunity. Regardless of your age, profession, religion, income bracket, and background, you have the capacity to create change.” – Laura Arrillage-Andreessen

I have been blessed with opportunities to succeed and prosper in life. From my beginnings in Norway, to living in New York and California, I have been fortunate enough to have mentors to guide me to success

It is my mission to provide the same kind of support by paying my good fortune forward to young women in need of professional and strategic guidance. My desire to create change has led me to participate and become a leader in various community outreach and mentoring programs.Including New York At Risk, St. John’s University Risk Leadership Development Program,Lockton’s Women In Leadership, and most recently
The Grace Institute

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